CA Final Law Corporate and Economic Laws - Nov 21 by Prof Amit Bachhawat Pendrive

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Format: Pendrive
Language: Hinglish
Exam Attempt: Nov 2021
Times View: 1.5 Times
Physical Book: Black & White
e-Book: Yes

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About CA Final Law Pendrive Classes

Faculty Name Prof Amit Bachhawat
Subject Corporate and Economic Laws - Nov 21
Syllabus CA Final New Group I
Video Duration 80-90 hours
Expiry Nov 21
Videos Run On Computer / Laptop
No. of Views 1.5 Times
Doubt Solving Facility Mail/Whatsapp
Fast Forwarding 1.0 to 1.8
System Requirements Laptop or Desktop.(Not available in Mobile) OS should be Window 7 and above. (Not available in Mac or Linux) Minimum 2 GB RAM required
Delivery Delivery within 7-10 days from the date of Payment.

Prof Amit Bachhawat

Amit Bachhawat, a name synonymous with quality teaching is a commerce graduate from St. Xavier’s College. A CA and CS himself, he has been teaching law and related subjects since 2001. Among his alumnus are several rank holders.

Not one to rest on past laurels, he updates himself constantly for the benefit of his students. Within a fortnight or two of the enforcing of the new Companies Law he has thoroughly researched the same and has provided invaluable inputs at various forums on popular demand.

What started off as a personal challenge brought about by the general perception of theory subjects in general & Law particular as being dull and drab, has revolutionized classroom teaching in Kolkata. He is the pioneer in teaching Law and in other subjects too. He is responsible for the paradigm shift in the perception of a CA coaching teacher as being a transmitter of information (the sage on the stage method) to the student by stimulating their interest in a supposedly “dry” subject. Theory subjects were thought of as drab and dull. Hence their recall value during exams is low, but he helped navigate the twisted maze of articles and law by contemporizing them-giving real life examples sharing insights, drawing parallels with things the youth could connect to Amit Bachhawat was and continues to be responsible for bringing a high conceptual clarity to the subject rather than asking students to “mug up” volumes of information in technical subjects is always very high and added to that, that information is divorced from our context and field of interest. Hence an already heavy subject becomes boring and therefore difficult to memorize. This becomes a vicious cycle engulfing students in this scenario creating interest solves a lot of downstream problems with memory. He engrosses the students by his lively presence and engages them with his ready wit.

Narrative and imagery activate both sides of our brain and that recall value is much higher than abstract information. He weaves all that and more in his lectures and then relates it to students and the youth. He strongly believes that the teacher must be a bridge across the world in the text book and the world out there-the real world of the students. His charming and pleasing personality, simplified approach to the most complicated curriculum and easy accessibility has revolutionized the way classrooms are envisaged.

Not content with providing a superlative teaching experience, he has created state of the art classroom, quality study material and handpicked the best faculty available. His is the only centre holding audorium lectures for revision & providing motivating lecture before exams by specialized life coaches. Not just theoretical training he takes a keen personal interest in grooming students.

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